skills and abilities


As an employer or HR professional, your employees are your most valuable resource. You are actively looking to address business needs with the human capital that you have at your disposal and therefore it is important to recognise the skills and abilities that they have at hand. Additionally, you are hoping to offer your employees opportunities to develop and grow under your leadership, which will benefit both the individual and the organisation. 

Ability and skills assessments allow employers and HR professionals to identify and utilise their employees’ competencies. In today’s market, where attraction and retention of employees is proving challenging, it is crucial to use these assessments in order to best understand your employees, and potential employees. 

There are a number of ways that you can use ability and skills assessments. 

Ability and skills assessments for recruitment and selection:

The use of ability and skills assessments as part of the recruitment and selection process has become increasingly popular. It allows employers to identify individuals or groups with certain capabilities that are needed for specific role(s) in their organisation. However, you should use the most relevant type of assessment.

  • Ability assessments can include: verbal, numerical and logical reasoning.
  • Skills assessments can include: dexterity, quality detection and assembly assessments.
  • IT assessments can include: typing speed, MS Word and Excel assessments.

Ability and skills assessments for internal development:

Similarly, employers are using ability and skills assessments for internal development purposes which allows employers to identify abilities and skills from their existing talent pool. As a result, the employer may gain the confidence to provide their employees with additional responsibilities or duties. These assessments can also identify areas for individual and team development within the organisation. This could potentially develop career progression opportunities.


When and where can ability and skills assessments be used?

The assessments can be used as part of a recruitment process for one role or for high volume recruitment campaigns. Above all, they are applicable across all industries, and can be administered on site or online by qualified professionals.


Why use ability and skills assessments?

In conclusion, the use of these assessments allows you to gain a better understanding of the skills and abilities of your workforce, introduce standards that can be applied for future recruitment, and ensures a professional standard is set in your organisation. 


For more information about ability and skills assessments please do not hesitate to get in touch with our HR Services team. All members of the Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services team are qualified Level A & B Psychometric Test Users, accredited by the British Psychological Society. Additionally, they are members of the Psychological Society of Ireland and CIPD. 

Niamh Cregg

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group