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Dublin is the centre of the tech industry in Ireland and the majority of ICT investment is concentrated in the city.  Dublin has many of the world’s largest ICT companies; online service companies such as Google, which has over 2,500 staff, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, Hubspot, Dropbox, LinkedIn, and countless other companies all call Dublin their home. The Silicon Docks is the hub for the ICT industry in Dublin, with a thriving mix of multinationals and start-ups. Opportunities exist for the broadest range of skill sets – software development, cybersecurity, networking and infrastructure, data analytics, cloud computing, and tech support. Dublin is increasingly seen as an attractive location for globally-minded tech talent. The cost and availability of housing in the Dublin area may see some investment shift to other locations despite the highly competitive packages offered by most tech companies.


Cork is the location of several major multinational operations as well as numerous smaller companies. EMC, Apple, VMWare, McAfee, CitCo, Tyco, Qualcomm, and Amazon, all have facilities in the city. EMC employs 3,000 people and has expanded its staff as recently as 2013. It is looking to continue this expansion by pushing its research agenda, focusing on cloud storage, cloud security and compliance. Apple has continued to expand its workforce and now employs over 5,000 people.

South East

Ciphertechs in Kilkenny, an information security firm, and Bluefin Payment Systems in Waterford, a fin-tech company, have both announced plans to expand their workforces in the region. Waterford operates a number of research institutes out of Waterford IT that are collaborating with tech companies. Sunlife, a fin-tech firm, employs almost 400 people in Waterford, and Nearform, a software development company is also based in Waterford.


Galway has over 190 tech companies, including multinationals such as Avaya, IBM, Oracle, EA, Cisco, SAP and Apple, which is investing $850 million in a new data centre. Indigenous companies like Ex Ordo and Altocloud, which develops communications software, make up an important part of the Galway ICT ecosystem as well. Galway has a thriving start-up scene. Initiatives such as PorterShed, which brings together government agencies and educational institutes to provide support to local start-ups, play an important role in assisting local ICT companies to expand. The Information Technology Association Galway, WESTBIC, Startx6, and Galway Technology Centre provide further support to local tech companies.


In Limerick, Analog Devices employs 1,200 people in manufacturing and invested €50 million in an R&D facility in 2011, creating 100 high skilled jobs. Uber set up a Centre of Excellence in Limerick in 2015. Creating 150 jobs. Limerick is also home to Thomson Reuters, QAD, Intel, Arista, Dell, and several other tech companies.


The midlands have a small but thriving ICT presence. Ericsson has a large R&D software development centre in Athlone. The Software Research Institute collaborates will several companies locally and specialises in network communications management.

North West

Online retailer, Overstock, has a software development operation based in Sligo. Socrates Healthcare is a domestic ICT company in Sligo that makes management software solutions for healthcare practitioners. UnitedHealth Group and Pramerica are leading companies in the North West, employing over 1,500 people in Letterkenny. Cora Systems in Carrick-on-Shannon builds project management software.


Ireland has a thriving tech sector that will continue to create high skilled jobs over the next 5 years. Dublin is the hub for this sector but technology companies can be found across the country. Cork and Galway are significant centres of tech investment in their own right. the challenge over the next few years will be meeting the demand for tech professionals created by continued investment in the industry.

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Niall Murray

Managing Director

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services