The IBEC jobs report of November 2012 reads as a very accurate and realistic interpretation of where the jobs market is in Ireland today and backs up what we at Collins McNicholas are seeing on a daily basis.

It is encouraging to read that IBEC expects 2012 to be the last year of falling employment in Ireland.  However, the report rightly highlights the challenge that we are seeing, of ‘Sectoral Variation’, namely experienced Software Engineers and other ICT professionals, as well as Scientists & Engineers experienced in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech and Medical Devices, remain in high demand whilst individuals with experience in Construction or other traditional industries are finding it difficult to get back into the job market.  Upskilling and Cross skilling are essential for these individuals and there are some excellent courses available on the springboard programme – and other training initiatives.  These courses are targeted at those individuals who are having difficulty finding employment with their current skillset.  They are focused on developing the skills and knowledge that are sought after by the sectors that are experiencing job growth and high demand.  It helps the unemployed get back to work whilst simultaneously increasing supply into the sectors that are currently experiencing skills shortages.  At Collins McNicholas we have experienced first-hand the many positives that are gained from these training initiatives for example when we met trainees attending a springboard course at the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training (NIBRT), it was refreshing and encouraging to see the wide range of backgrounds and industries that individuals had come from.   Not only were they learning a new skill but they were also bringing a valuable external experience to the pharmaceutical/biotech sectors.  I hope that the upcoming budget will see an increase in these targeted training initiatives as it is clearly a win-win situation.

Click here to read the full IBEC Jobs Report 


Sean Gannon

Regional Manager

Collins McNicholas