Samantha Commons

Associate Director of Human Resources

Allergan, Westport


‘Even though I was enjoying Dublin, my heart was here in the West of Ireland’

I moved back to the West of Ireland when I joined Allergan in April after three-and-a-half years in Dublin. It was a quality of life decision. Most of my friends and family are in this part of Ireland. I was spending a lot of time at weekends on the road down here. Even though I was enjoying Dublin, my heart was here in the West of Ireland.

When I started thinking about where I wanted to be last year, I thought that I’d probably end up in Galway because that’s where a lot of the larger companies with HR requirements are based. I couldn’t believe my luck when something came up with Allergan in Westport as I had always heard that it was a great place to work.

I grew up in Enniscrone, Co Sligo, but my family actually live in Castlebar now so they’re literally only up the road. Westport is great. It’s not your typical Irish country town. There’s something happening every day of the week. There’s great energy and pride in the town, including the association with Allergan, which has been in Westport for 40 years and is the largest employer in the region.

I was definitely one of the luckier people in Dublin because I didn’t have a big commute. Here I have a zero commute – I live across the road from Allergan! It’s great for me to be able to be close to my family and friends and have a great job as well. That’s the dream really, isn’t it?


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