Internal Recruitment Support

What can Collins McNicholas provide?

We can provide a structured, objective and fair recruitment and assessment process, including developmental feedback for each applicant.

  • From carrying out pre-selected psychometric assessments on behalf of the client company to outsourcing the entire process, we can be as involved as your company requires.
  • Provide assistance in the selection of appropriate testing based on the nature of the role, level of the role, behaviours required and nature of the working environment.
  • Link assessments to internal competency framework or established job descriptions as required.
  • Provide detailed developmental feedback to candidates using one-to-one coaching feedback sessions and written reports.
  • Provide concise feedback to organisation on candidate performance in an agreed format, including interview probing questions as required.
  • Assessments administered by a trained and experienced Assessor.

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  • Using unbiased and appropriate assessments all candidates will feel that they have been treated fairly, leading to a continued positive environment.
  • Developmental feedback and coaching sessions can provide individuals with the tools they need to further their skills and knowledge within the organisation.
  • Collins McNicholas provides this service in a confidential and professional manner within guidelines agreed with the organisation.

Developing the Internal Recruitment Process