Executive Level Personality Profiles

At Executive level it is especially important to get the right person for the role. While interviewing may give you some insight into an individual’s suitability for a role, assessment, and in particular Personality Profiles, can add colour and improve the likelihood for the success of the selection process.

What can Collins McNicholas do?


  • Personality Profiles, using a bespoke report matched to the competencies of the organisation and of the role, can be an invaluable tool.
  • It may be used to examine an individual’s preferred style of behaviour at work, cultural fit or preferred working environment, highlighting areas important for further probing at interview.
  • For example, Collins McNicholas can highlight a candidate’s preference for working as part of a team or working alone, structured or flexible working environment, enthusiasm for negotiation and sales or leadership for example.
  • Collins McNicholas can utilise the OPQ, 16PF or Dimensions personality inventory and can investigate
    other options on the request on an organisation.
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 Assessment for Executive Level Recruitment