Assessment Centres

What is an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre is comprised of a series of assessments designed to analyse candidate’s personal and technical skills in relation to a given role. Assessment Centres can be used for recruitment or development purposes and are particularly effective when analysing a large volume of applicants, or in relation to senior level roles.

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What Can Collins McNicholas Provide

  • Collins McNicholas can become as involved in the process as the client company require. From carrying out pre-selected psychometric assessments on behalf of the client company to outsourcing the entire recruitment process, we can assist companies by stepping in at any point in the recruitment process.
  • Provide assistance in the selection of appropriate testing based on the nature of the role, level of the role, behaviours required and nature of the working environment.
  • Link assessments to internal competency framework or established job descriptions as required.
  • Manage process on a practical level by organising all logistics around the assessment:
    – Room booking, ordering materials and assessment co-ordination.
    – Candidate briefing, scheduling and liaison.
  • Provide structured feedback to candidates at client request using written or verbal reports in agreed format.
  • Provide concise feedback on candidate performance in an agreed format, including interview probing questions as required.
  • Assessments administered by a trained and experienced Assessor

Our Track Record

Collins McNicholas have an extensive track record in providing assessment centre solutions to public sector institutions, to manufacturing companies and service companies, including multinationals in the medical device, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and traditional manufacturing sectors in executive level recruitment, volume recruitment and development programmes.

  • Bespoke recruitment process for a large multinational manufacturing organisation including both off-the-shelf and bespoke ability and dexterity testing.
  • Volume recruitment processes for Clerical roles in several public sector institutions.
  • Tailored development focused assessment process for service based SME.
  • Assessment input and interview assistance in hiring executive level roles.
  • Partnership with training and employment support bodies in the creation of an assessment process for a manufacturing organisation at start-up phase.


Download our 4 page ‘Introducing Assessment Centres’ Guide by clicking on the image.

 Introducing Assessment Centres