Some questions you should ask yourself when beginning the search

What do I really want?

At times the sense of urgency to get a job can lead to wanting ANY job.  While flexibility is valuable, having a clear vision and strategy is vital to making the first steps into employment.

  • What type of roles are you now qualified to carry out?
  • What transferrable skills have you gained?
  • What are your priorities? Location? Industry? Role?

What does my CV say about me?

You’ve heard of “getting your foot in the door”, well you have to ensure a potential employer opens the door to you first! Your CV should be considered the key introductory document for each role you apply to.  It should provide an outline of your education and experience to date in relation to the role in question and should be tailored to each application you make.

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Where do I look?

Traditional job search tools such as online job boards, newspaper advertisements, local networking, attending events and seminars are great first steps but in the current job market it’s often necessary to “go the extra mile”.  Investigating companies in your area, following up on job announcements and leveraging Social Media may be key to your recruitment success.  It’s crucial to keep any social media profiles updated regularly, join groups of relevance to your chosen career path and “follow” companies of interest in your field.  Contribute to discussions and utilise discussion boards as a forum to gain information about the field.


It’s not a question, I know, but the final key to your success in gaining that Graduate role may be your outlook and attitude.

Professionalism, Positivity and Persistence

Invest in the job you’ve applied to – nobody wants to hear you’ve applied to their company as you couldn’t get anything else!  If told a job isn’t for you now, rather than giving up, think about how you can get there – further training, voluntary experience, another role at the company etc.

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Caroline Ward

Recruitment Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services