What should I expect at a Graduate Programme Assessment Centre?

Graduate Assessment Centres are increasingly common and have been a part of the Graduate Programme for many years. Assessment Centres are designed to assess your competency or skills in relation to the role, your cultural fit and overall motivations or career aspirations.

As part of the programme you may be asked to complete:

Group Exercise

Usually 5 – 6 people working together to complete a task or solve a problem.

What may be assessed? Team Working Style, Communication Skills and Problem Solving Skills


An individual is provided with a topic on the spot or prior to the day and asked to give a presentation to the Assessor or a group on that topic.

What may be assessed? Communication Skills, Analysis and Decision Making

Analysis Presentation

An individual delivers a presentation based on conclusions drawn from a large volume of newly presented information or data.

What may be assessed? Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making Skills and Communication Skills

In-Tray Exercise

Sorting through written material, prioritising and remaining calm under pressure.

What may be assessed? Decision Making, Prioritisation, Resilience, Analysis

Ability Assessments

Online or paper-based ability psychometric tests completed on the day or a date prior online.

What may be assessed? Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning


Top Tips

Ask Lots of Questions: Ensure you understand what is required of you

Get Stuck In:  Suspend belief if required, be enthusiastic

Take the chance to learn: About the company, the job and even yourself

Be Yourself: That’s who they selected for the Assessment Centre after all!

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Caroline Ward,

Senior HR Services Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group