Careers in ICT & Software Development

The prospects for anyone considering pursuing a career in IT or software development are excellent. ICT is the fastest growing sector in the economy, with the industry in Ireland expected to expand considerably over the next number of years. There are currently between 3,500-4,500 vacancies in the IT sector in Ireland. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) has noted that IT jobs are the most frequently categorised as ‘difficult-to-fill’, accounting for 33% of such roles. This is not a trend that is unique to Ireland as there is a global shortage of certain IT skills. The skills most in demand in Ireland are software developers in, Java, .Net, C#, and Oracle. There is also a pressing need for more Network Engineers, Telecoms Engineers, System Administrators, and tech support personnel.

Ireland, and particularly Dublin, has developed an international reputation as an ICT hub. Many of the leading global ICT companies now have operations in the country. 8 of the top 10 global ICT companies have operations in Ireland, and the top 10 ‘born on the internet’ companies are all located here as well. According to IDA Ireland ICT companies directly employ 38,500 people, with many more ICT professionals employed across a range of other industries and sectors. Despite the shortfall in certain skills within the sector, Dublin has recently been ranked as the best city in the world for human capital. ICT companies are continuously establishing offices in Ireland. Our ability to attract large multinationals will strengthen as some of the most recognised companies in the industry, such as Facebook and Google, generate a cluster effect luring in other organisations.

With the current shortage in qualified personnel experienced ICT professionals are being brought in from overseas to alleviate part of this strain in the short-term. In the longer term, there has been a greater emphasis placed on producing more ICT graduates. Programs have been launched to target a range of age groups. Initiatives such as Coder Dojo, which is a non-profit organisation teaching kids coding skills for free, has been attracting growing numbers of young people and can be found at numerous locations across the country. The organisation was co-founded by James Whelton and Bill Liao in Cork and has developed an international reputation for educating young people in IT. Encouraging kids to take an interest in IT from an early age will help to increase the level of participation in advanced education courses in later years. Increasing numbers of school leavers have been entering IT-related courses at the 3rd level over the previous 3 to 4 years. They should start entering the labour market over the next couple of years and will bridge part of the current shortfall in supply. The government has sponsored a number of conversion courses via Springboard, and other programmes, that will further increase the output of IT graduates. Appropriate steps have been taken to increase the supply of talent and there are a variety of educational opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a career in ICT.

The level of demand for ICT skills has caused companies to offer increasingly attractive remuneration packages, and greater flexibility regarding how employees manage their workload. Employers now offer teleworking working options so that employees can work from home. Commuting is often cited as one of the most important factors in determining how satisfied a person is in their job. The ability to work from home is seen by many people as an appealing alternative to spending hours commuting to and from work every week.

For those who are considering a career in ICT, there is no better time than now with an abundance of employment opportunities with some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world. ICT is seen as the future for Ireland’s ‘smart economy’, and with investment from the government, and multinational companies, the quality and variety of careers available will only increase in the coming years.

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Aideen Cummins

Principal Recruitment Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group