Talent attraction, management and retention are some of the key challenges facing hiring managers across the accounting and finance landscape in Cork at the moment. Consequently, the candidate is back in the driving seat. The success of your team largely depends on the calibre of talent that you can attract, and ultimately retain.


As the market in Cork continues to build momentum there is a huge demand for fully qualified accountants up to 5 years post qualification experience (PQE), as well as those in Practice, Payroll, and Tax. As a result, prospective candidates have never had as many options. This is very positive for those looking to progress or gain experience in a different industry. However, hiring organisations/managers, have had to entirely reconsider their company’s talent attraction strategy


In particular, many organisations have begun to focus on non-financial rewards. Due to feedback from the market, it seems that this is the main battle ground in the war for talent.  Flexible working hours, remote working or a reduced working week can outweigh the desire for a higher base salary. Certainly, the opportunity to travel or work on global projects can also be highly desirable.

It is imperative in todays market to ensure that you can attract top talent! Here is where a strong employer brand will help you achieve this. Our consultative approach can help you bridge that knowledge gap. Thus, becoming an expert in the area of talent attraction, management and retention yourself.


We have vast experience in the recruitment of accounting and finance professionals. In conclusion, with such a competitive market as todays, objective and informed advice is invaluable, which is exactly what we can provide. 


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Michael O’Brien

Cork Branch Manager

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group