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Annual Employment Law Conference

Hear the latest updates from Employment Law experts on Thursday the 13th of January

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  • Start Date: 13 Jan 2022
  • Start Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Location: MS Teams

The last 20 months have seen a significant shift in the way we work, the COVID-19 Pandemic has made companies re-think the traditional working practices and the days of 9am to 5pm based in the office is a thing of the past. This has come with many new issues in the area of employment law with new guidelines being issued by the Government on employees “Right to Disconnect”, along with much talk about devising a return-to-work protocol and the constant discussion around remote or hybrid working models.


Alastair Purdy
Robin Hyde
Alastair Purdy
Robin Hyde

At this year’s much-anticipated virtual Annual Employment Law Conference our keynote speakers and Labour Law experts, Alastair Purdy and Robin Hyde from Purdy & Co. Solicitors, will discuss:

  1. Legislation updates on the following:

    1. Right to Disconnect Code of Practice

    2. National Remote Working Strategy Update

    3. Collective Redundancies Review

    4. Sick Leave Bill

    5. Protected Disclosures Amendment Bill

    6. DPC Guidance on Vaccinations within the Workplace

    7. HSA Return to Work Protocol

    8. Gender Pay Gap Reporting

  1. Case Law Updates on the following areas:

    1. Termination during probation period

    2. Fixed-term workers

    3. Reasonable accommodation

    4. Retirements within the workplace

    5. Returning from protective leave

    6. Working time

Whether you are a Business Owner, Managing Director or HR Professional from a local SME or a large multinational, this conference will equip you with details regarding employment law changes coupled with case law which will assist you in addressing employment law queries at your work. The annual conference covers employment equality and terms and conditions through to termination of employment and employees’ rights, as well as information on new and amended regulations and rates. The conference is always well attended - whether held in person or virtually– and has now become a key date in our clients’ calendars. The work environment is constantly evolving and with this comes a need for HR Professionals, People Managers and Business Owners alike to be kept up to date and in tune with the ever-changing employment legislation landscape.

We look forward to you joining us at our 12th Annual Employment Law Conference, the second to be held online. Please register on our website for the conference, which will be hosted virtually on MS Teams. A reminder will be sent to all those who register prior to the conference along with the link to join. Your camera and microphone will be disabled for the duration of the conference. If you have any comments, questions or something to share during the webinar, you can send these via the Chatbox on MS Teams.

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