Advantages of Temping

Temp work presents a chance to expand your work experience within a variety of sectors.

At Collins McNicholas, we recognise the opportunities that being a Temp presents, and so we offer a wide range of opportunities for temp agency workers.

Why become a Temp?


Temping allows the employee an opportunity to choose a number of assignments to work on as well as the opportunity to control when, where, and how much they work.



New Industry

If you are looking to broaden your range of work experience, temp jobs also offer the chance to gain valuable experience working within new industries or sectors.

Develop New Skills

Given that the employee will often have an opportunity to work within a variety of positions, being a Temp obviously offers a chance to expand and develop new skill sets.



Re-entering The Workplace

If you are looking for the opportunity to re-enter the workforce, temp jobs can provide the opportunity to broaden your skills base.


If you are interested and would like to make yourself available for temporary work, please contact your nearest office for advice or to register your CV.