Temporary Staffing Solutions

A fast and flexible answer to your staffing needs.

Why Choose Collins McNicholas for Your Temporary Staffing Needs?

We have been placing talented people in jobs since 1990 and with six offices nationwide we can ensure that you get the best possible talent and skills that Ireland has to offer.

To ensure our partners have access to this talent pool, Collins McNicholas travel far and wide in search of the right skills to fit your company’s unique needs. In the last few years alone we have travelled to Barcelona, Eindhoven, Zurich and London in search of these skills. Check out our ‘Choose Ireland‘ page for more information.

Collins McNicholas provide the following services for our partners including Permanent Recruitment, Temporary / Contract Recruitment, Executive Recruitment, Internal Recruitment Support, Personality Profiling, HR Services, Assessment Centres and Psychometric Testing.

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Benefits of Temporary/Contract Staffing

  • Maintaining or increasing your productivity without increasing your headcount
  • Potential candidates are fully sourced and screened to find you the best person for the job
  • All contracts issued by Collins McNicholas
  • Increased level of personnel on site without the associated time and cost increases
  • Extensive database of candidates, whether it’s administrative support or a specialist contractor
  • Collins McNicholas takes care of all payroll administration
  • Saves you valuable time and money