Limerick day blog

Collins McNicholas recently had its annual company day in Limerick city. Every year the entire company gets together to have some fun, meet the newest members of our team and catch up on what is happening in the company. We choose a different location each summer, last year it was Killaloe, and everyone was delighted to find out we would be going to Limerick this year.

Limerick has tonnes of interesting things to see and do, great accommodation options and the people are terrific. Our day started bright and early when we took part in the launch of the Mid-West Relocation Survey, along with our partners in the Limerick Chamber of Commerce, Limerick City & County Council and IDA Ireland. The survey was a remarkable success. It highlights the vibrancy of the local communities, not just in Limerick but throughout the Mid-West region. Lots of people are relocating to take advantage of the many job opportunities that have appeared because of the region’s rapid growth in the last few years. IDA Ireland sited it as the fastest-growing region for FDI in the country. Multinational companies are recognising the many advantages of setting up a facility in Limerick, with its large pool of graduates from the University of Limerick, and the overall cost-competitiveness of the region. Recent investments include Regeneron, Element Six, Northern Trust, and Uber, to name a few.

That afternoon, following the success of the survey launch, we had a beautiful lunch at the Strand Hotel, where we also stayed that night, before proceeding to the Milk Market for a series of games organised by Get West. The highlight of the afternoon was tag archery. For anyone that hasn’t played, you are divided into teams and your team gets points for every opposing player you hit with an arrow and for every arrow of theirs that you catch. Needless to say, it got quite competitive by the time it was over. After that, we went on a Treasure Hunt around Limerick city. This was again organised by Get West and it involved downloading an app that guided you to clues around the city that you then had to solve. It takes about an hour and is a really great way to get to know the city. We finished at the Curragower bar for a delicious, and well-earned, BBQ.

Limerick is definitely a city on the rise. From an economic standpoint, it has seen lots of investment over the last few years and everyone from the local Chamber of Commerce to Limerick City & County Council, not to mention Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, have put in a tremendous amount of work to make Limerick the attractive destination it has become. Whether you are a business looking to invest, or a family thinking about relocating, the Mid-West region has much to offer.


Niall Murray

Managing Director

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services