Maybe it is a reflection of the success of the IDA over the years that the media has been relatively muted in its response to these figures. I have no doubt that other countries would be highlighting a success story like this which has been achieved against the backdrop of continued economic uncertainty in Europe and in the US over the past 12 months.

My experience of the IDA is that it is an overstretched organisation at present and would benefit from additional headcount at Project Executive level. Many experienced and highly successful Project Executives have left the IDA since the onset of the recession. That means that the remaining staff has all had to work longer hours and take on additional responsibility to ensure that this net increase in jobs was achieved. This performance highlights the exceptionally high calibre of people working in the IDA and the commitment they display every day to ensure that Ireland continues to punch above its weight in the battle for FDI projects. At a time when the public service is rightly being asked to show greater accountability the IDA and Enterprise Ireland are examples of what is best in the public service sector.

Given its consistently strong performance over the years, I strongly believe that the IDA should be exempt from the recruitment embargo in the public sector for Project Executive personnel. I have no doubt that such an exemption would be self-financing and would result in an even greater increase in net jobs in 2013.

Colman Collins

Founder & Management Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group