Collins McNicholas were delighted to sponsor a key event in the CIPD Western Region calendar last week. The keynote speaker was Peter Cheese, CEO of CIPD. He addressed over 80 attendees made up of experienced HR practitioners as well as graduates and a host of academic professionals from around the region.

Collins McNicholas Management with Geraldine Grady and Peter Cheese of CIPD

Colman Collins (Managing Director, Collins McNicholas), Geraldine Grady (CIPD Chairperson, Western Region), Peter Cheese (CEO, CIPD) and Michelle Murphy (Western Regional Manager, Collins McNicholas)

The event focused on a range of topics, holding a discussion around the CIPD accreditation moving forward, what members in Ireland are to expect for their annual subscription and how they can help the HR practitioners earn a place at the top table within their organisation. Mr. Cheese committed to a number of changes to bring CIPD to the fore as the main body governing HR with Ireland and the UK. His aim is to ensure that CIPD adds value for its members, bringing a range of support services and feeding into the branches, in particular, the local branches throughout Ireland. Collins McNicholas commended the hardworking CIPD Western Region committee and in particular Geraldine Grady (Chairperson CIPD Western Region) for her commitment over the past 2 years to renew the organisation within the region and push for them to make the changes necessary in order to cater for the various levels of expertise within its membership.

Attendees, CIPD West Event

Attendees, CIPD West Event

Collins McNicholas Galway and CIPD

Collins McNicholas Galway Team with CIPD Group