Collins McNicholas 3 Million Step Challenge


Wellbeing, work-life balance, increased activity levels… so much of the online media at the moment is concerned with just this.  Health and fitness blogs are popping up everywhere and even the traditionally “serious” online business forums are filled with conversations about time spend sitting, desk grazing, etc.

As someone who follows many of these online blogs, I often read about how walking / running / movement in general impacts all aspects of your life, increasing your motivation and concentration levels, resilience, self-esteem and creativity.  Having come from a very low baseline of fitness, coupled with extremely low levels of activity and poor diet a few years ago to a more positive approach to healthy living, I can certainly see the truth in the notion above.

However, it must be noted that I never really felt bad. It wasn’t until I began a cleaner more active lifestyle that I could see the issues I had been creating for myself.

Herein, I feel, lies the value of workplace initiatives encouraging small positive changes in activity, attitude or diet.  It’s not about changing the world or turning belief systems on their heads or anything so dramatic.  It’s about feeling the difference a minor and often enjoyable change in lifestyle can make.

Following on from our success in the Great Places to Work Awards in 2014, Collins McNicholas is embarking on a “3 Million Step Challenge”.  As a group, we will be “walking” around Ireland, visiting each office on our travels – Dublin, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Athlone.  Activity will be tracked using a pedometer and healthy living activities will be introduced throughout.  Aside from a few jokes about tying the pedometer to the dog, the challenge has been met with positivity and excitement.

September is always a busy month in recruitment so even taking more trips to the water cooler, getting out for a brief stroll at lunch or using the stairs will be positive steps towards a healthier happier workplace.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress!