Greg Savage Recruitment Seminar photo

I had a fantastic, thought provoking and reflective day yesterday at the Greg Savage Seminar. Greg is a thought leader in the Global Recruitment Industry and is a regular keynote speaker at staffing conferences around the world. Something that repeatedly jumped out at me, and has been on my mind for quite some time, is the speed at which the industry is changing.

Change is exciting and embraced by some, daunting and resisted by others. One thing is for sure, we have some very exciting times ahead for those individuals in our industry who are willing to learn, develop and keep challenging the “norm”.

As Bob Dylan said “He not busy being born, is busy dying.” You either embrace the change, or find yourself on the slippery slope backwards. There is no middle ground.

As our industry changes, the skill-set of a successful recruiter changes also. The “transactional” recruiters are becoming less and less successful and the long term relationship builder is rising to the top. Honestly, this is music to my ears. But this raises a very interesting issue.

Low attrition rates in recruitment are more important than ever because the long term, specialist consultant, is the way to succeed in tomorrow’s recruitment industry. 

We need to focus on this attrition rate by balancing engagement and career progression potential with the basic fundamentals of a “competitive basic wage, package, bonus and commission structure“. A consultant doing a great job, should in turn get a great package to reflect the contribution they are making to the business.

Am I right in coming to this conclusion about the importance of attrition in this fast changing recruitment environment? It has always been important, but now it is becoming the deal breaker; the difference between success and failure. I would love to hear any further thoughts on the above?

As I look to recruit 3 consultants for the Cork office, I find myself with a competency wish list that is a little different from a short number of years ago. However, this is a change that is definitely welcome in our Industry. Feel free to give me a call on 021 4911063 to discuss the above, or any of the consultant or senior consultant opportunities we have at present.




Rory Walsh
Regional Manager Cork

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group