Mock Graduate Assessment Centres

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“In an increasingly competitive job market employers are using assessment centres to short-list candidates, as an effective means of assessing if candidates have the skills and competencies needed for the role. While the need for psychometric testing and group assessment activities is understandable it does not make it any less daunting for the candidate. Here in CIT, we recognised that our students may not have attended an Assessment Centre and may not know of anyone who has gone through the assessment centre experience.

In partnership with Collins McNicholas we arranged a “mock” graduate assessment centre for our students. They designed a two-stage process for our students of the Master of Arts in Human Resource Management (MA HRM) where they went through the assessment centre experience and received feedback on their performance.

In stage two, the MA HRM students worked behind the scenes to arrange a “mock” assessment centre for the final year undergraduate students. The Masters students observed the group work exercises and compared their feedback with the staff from Collins McNicholas. All of the Masters students found this a very valuable experience. Both experiences enabled the students to be more aware of their behaviour and helped them to focus on areas where they could improve.

At all stages, Collins McNicholas team were available to discuss the bespoke design and strategy of the assessment centre. The feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive and they are more confident in attending assessment centres.”

Don Crowley, Head, Department of Organisation & Personal Development, CIT.


Being a part of the student assessment centre was a great opportunity. I saw, first-hand, what happens behind the scenes and it helped to bridge the gap between college and industry. I really got to understand the application of psychometric testing and their purpose. Furthermore, Emma was a great mentor to us and I got great value from the interview and feedback session. As a future HR practitioner, I would recommend every student get the opportunity to participate.

                                                                                                             Niamh Forde, HRM Masters Student, CIT.


“Working with Collins Mc Nicholas in running the Mock Assessment Centre was a very good experience. Our final year students got an excellent opportunity to see how one works and having the opportunity of receiving feedback was the icing on the cake. They learnt so much from the HR Services team.”

                                                                                                                               Angela Collins, Careers Centre, WIT.