Benefits of Temping

Accepting temporary contracts can be an excellent way of earning an income. Whether you are on holidays from college or ‘in between jobs’, there are plenty of benefits to temping:


  • Regardless of how long a contract is, all jobs bring new and fresh experiences to your CV. Temping is a great way to upskill (particularly with learning new systems).
  • You are much better off having something short-term and recent on your CV than having nothing at all. If you’re not currently working, holding out for that perfect permanent job not only reduces what you could be learning, but it also expands on an existing gap on your CV.
  • References – Temping allows you to build up a rapport with the employer/managers. These contacts could also agree to provide you with an employment reference which you can use for future applications!


Learning & Networking
    • It can lead to so much more! People are usually offered a temporary contract for a couple of weeks but there is often an opportunity for this to be extended. As well as that, you are usually made aware of permanent roles in a company that you might be eligible to apply for.


    • It gives you an insight into a role or a company with less commitment from your side. If you’re not 100% sure about which industry you want to work in, temping is a great way to get proper on-the-job experience. This can then help with your long-term plans! Don’t forget though – if you are finishing a temporary assignment, you still need to give an appropriate amount of notice. Check your contract for this!


    • You never know who you might meet while working onsite with a company. It’s a great way of connecting with colleagues, customers, and clients.



If you are interested in temping or any other employment opportunities in Limerick or across the Midwest, visit our website Our team is working on brilliant opportunities in all areas, from science and engineering jobs, to finance and commercial vacancies. A run-down on our temping service for employers is also available here.