Types of Assessment

What is Psychometric Assessment?

Psychometric assessment may be used as part of a recruitment process to provide an objective and fair measure of an individual’s current ability and future potential, or work preferences.

There is a wide range of tests available, each tailored to assess specific candidate attributes.

Ability, Aptitude or Psychometric Assessment




May be used to rank candidate’s Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Diagrammatic Reasoning etc. in relation to an agreed appropriate reference group.  This type of testing can be used to screen out candidates performing below an agreed cut-off point or to rank all candidates according to their scores.  Ability Assessment can be particularly useful when working with a large volume of applicants and may be used across Administration, Customer Service, Manufacturing and Senior Executive roles.  Collins McNicholas can administer Ability Assessments in a large group classroom style setting or online depending upon the organisation’s preference.

May be used to assess a candidate’s fine or gross motor skills, their ability to use a tool or to work using gloves or other protective devices.  This type of assessment can be used to assess areas extremely difficult to ascertain at interview and can screen out candidates performing below an agreed cut-off point.  Collins McNicholas can administer an off the shelf measure or design a bespoke assessment using an organisation’s own tools and materials.



May be used to examine a candidate’s preferred style of behaviour at work.  The measure highlights a candidate’s preference for working as part of a team or working alone, in a structured or flexible working environment, their enthusiasm for negotiation and sales or leadership for example.  This measure should not be used to screen out candidates but can provide additional insight into candidates preferred behaviours, work environment and cultural fit and provide information for further probing at interview.  Collins McNicholas can administer the OPQ, 16PF or Dimensions personality profiling tools online and generate a bespoke report for an organisation.


May be used to assess candidates carrying out tasks and solving problems similar to those required in the potential role.  A strong targeted role play may also provide a realistic preview of a role and allow the candidate to assess their interest.  Collins McNicholas can create a bespoke role play exercise using an organisation’s processes, tools or scenarios.




May be used to analyse a candidate’s interactions when working as part of a team, leadership skills or group problem solving abilities for example.  Collins McNicholas can design and deliver Group Exercises on behalf of or in conjunction with organisations, including the provision of Assessor support and guidance.


May be used to assess a candidate’s ability to glean information or make decisions given a particular scenario and present this information back to the Assessor. Collins McNicholas can design and deliver assessment using an organisation’s own processes and data or using an off the shelf measure.