Ability and Skills

The ability to solve complex problems, make decisions, and use sound reasoning are critical to success in today’s workforce. Ability assessments are valid and reliable tools that reveal an individual’s reasoning, logic, and ability to work with information and can accurately predict potential for success.

Skills assessments measure specific skills and knowledge areas to understand candidates’ individual strengths and potential weaknesses and assesses job readiness and fit. They are invaluable for any role where candidates must have certain skills to be productive from day one on the job.

  • These types of assessments can be used to screen out candidates performing below an agreed benchmark or to rank all candidates according to their scores.​
  • They can be used for roles of all levels, ranging from operator level and product builder roles right up to executive level roles.​
  • They are often used when there is a high volume of applications for roles.
  • The HR Services team can administer an off the shelf measure or design a bespoke assessment using an organisation’s own tools and materials

When To Use


  • Assesses abilities and skills not easily viewed at interview
  • Achieves better candidate “fit”
  • Provides a realistic preview of the role for the candidates, leading to self-deselection
  • Provides a fair and transparent process
  • Analyse the strengths or potential weaknesses that a candidate has with a specific ability and skill that is necessary for a role
  • Ensures the process is standardised and reliable, using highly valid tools
  • Useful for when working with large volumes of applications
  • They can screen out candidates performing below an agreed cut-off point

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