Among the recruiting world, there is mixed opinion on the value of Twitter and Facebook as effective job seeking tools. While LinkedIn is deemed an acceptable social media platform for job seeking it is becoming more apparent that Facebook and Twitter are just too “social”.

Using Twitter & Facebook does have its bonuses; their user statistics can’t be beaten. Facebook’s Months statistics for the month of October 2012 vouch that they have one billion monthly active users as of October 2012. They have 552 million daily active users on average in June 2012 and
600 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products in September 2012.

While Twitter’s user numbers are smaller than Facebook they still are undeniably impressive. There are over a billion Tweets sent every three days. 340,000,000 Tweets per day and 140,000,000+ active users. With this many people logging on every day there are literally Terabytes of information in the Social Media space that is useful to a jobseeker.

The sea of social media seems a vast one if you are one job seeker alone in your search for a job. But there are ways to use it effectively.  The number one benefit of using Twitter & Facebook is that it is an easy way of gathering information. Follow Employers or subscribe to their group pages to learn about new jobs first. Social Media is a relatively cheap way of employers advertising their jobs.  Build your network of friends and followers to hear where friends or acquaintances have got new jobs or where they have recently left jobs.  Follow local papers as they tend to boast upcoming jobs to your area. All you need is one nugget of valuable information to get you from job limbo to your dream job.

As regards the application process, it is best to avoid Twitter & Facebook platforms. They are not professional jobseeking areas and using them to contact Recruiters or HR professionals generally tends to remove the application process from a professional level down to a social one.

Using Twitter and Facebook to gather the information you need is a quick and easy way to get an insight into the jobs market but it is best practice to utilize this information in a more professional manner through a formal application process or through LinkedIn.

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Shirley Mullins

Collins McNicholas Cork