‘Temping’ can be a scary word for some. It can be a grey area, an unknown area or an area many will not even consider. However, what the general population are unaware of, is the fact that Temping can be extremely beneficial in many ways. Below, we will explore 5 of those ways and outline the advantages of temping.


1. Returning to work after a period of time 

Many fear the dreaded first day of the job after a period of time unemployed. Returning to a temporary job can ease you back in. It gives you piece of mind as you are not committing to this on a permanent basis, and allows you breathing space should you decide the role is not for you. Many individuals who return to work after caring for a new family decide to return to a temporary position.


2. Gain varied experience 

Temping allows you to gain experience within many different industries such as finance, medical devices, production, or others.  This is desirable in the eyes of a potential client as they can see that you have the ability to adapt into new environments and cultures.


3. Try before you buy

You may not be 100% sure on what industry suits you and your personality. It could be medical, finance or even retail. Temping gives you the opportunity to try them all out before you search for your dream job.


4. Opportunities to convert to a permanent role

If your temping assignment is going extremely well, you may even find an offer for a permanent role down the line. Many organisations can spot an excellent temp that adds a lot of value to the team, hence they don’t want to let you go!


5. Have greater plans down the line

If you are waiting around for a few months before you take the exciting leap into travelling Australia, America, or Asia, temping would be ideal for you. You do not have to commit to a permanent role, whilst saving up money to cover your travel costs. Both parties win in this ideal situation!

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Sarra Hadi

Recruitment Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group