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Beginning a new job is always a little intimidating. Everyone wants to get off to a great start and impress their new boss, but nerves and uncertainty about a new work environment often stop us from settling into our new job as quickly as we would like. To help you make the best start possible in your new job, we are giving our top 6 tips for starting a new job:

First Impressions Count 

The single most important thing you can do on your first day is make a good impression with your colleagues. The impact of a bad first impression can linger for a long time, and prove quite difficult to overcome. It is vital that you are punctual and enthusiastic. Show everyone that you are happy to be there.

Learn Your Role  

Obtain a detailed job description from your boss so that you know precisely what is expected of you, and what you are responsible for. Having a clear understanding of your duties and responsibilities will help you prioritise how much time to give each task. In situations where you are working under a tight deadline, knowing what is the most important task to be completed will help you avoid making any costly mistakes.

Understand the Culture 

Learn the culture of the company. Most employees will undergo a training period when they start their job. Use this time wisely. Learn everything you can about the company’s policies and procedures, observe how people interact with one another and how they go about their work. Talk to everybody, your new colleagues will be a great source of information on how to fit in, and what is expected from you. Getting to know your colleagues will also help you settle in quickly.

Find a Mentor 

Having a mentor to guide you is a huge advantage. A mentor can give you an inside perspective on what it takes to get ahead in the company, provide you with opportunities to gain experience, assist you in developing your talents, and is an excellent source of knowledge and advice.

Forget Your Last Job & Embrace Your New Job 

Don’t draw unflattering comparisons between your previous job and your new job, your new colleagues will not appreciate it. It is okay to make suggestions based on your previous experience but be tactful in the way you do it. Update your LinkedIn profile as soon as you start the job and embrace the challenge.

Be Patient  

Finally, be patient, it takes time to settle into a new job. Ask questions, be enthusiastic, work hard, and everything will come together.


Antoinette O’Flaherty

Director & Regional Manager

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group