Here are 5 happy reasons to use Psychometric Assessments as part of your next recruitment process!

1. Happy Candidates

  • The recruitment process has greater transparency, fairness and it is easier to see the parallels between the assessment chosen and the potential role.
  • Candidates may get a preview of the tasks they would be required to complete as part of their role.

2. Happy Hiring Managers

  • Ability to observe and measure candidates completing tasks and using skills absolutely necessary for a role, even if the skills are practical or technical (e.g. fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination for a Lab Technician, Manufacturing Operator or Assembly role).
  • Time spent in repeat interview processes can be spent on other priority projects.

3. Happy HR Managers

  • Opportunity to measure ability in areas identified as key to success in the role, matching assessments to key competencies.
  • Ensures standardisation of the recruitment process.

4. Happy Environment

  • Preferred work style and cultural fit can be explored using Personality, Motivation or Interest Inventories.

5. The Science Bit

  • Proven Reliability and Validity – Tests are measuring the ability or area that they say they are going to measure and are proven to be the same across test groups.

For more information on Psychometrics or Assessment Centres, please contact Caroline Ward on 090 64 78 104 or


Caroline Ward,

Senior HR Services Consultant

Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group