Here are my top 10 tips for a great CV …

10 Top Tips for a Great CV 

  1. Length

Your CV should be no more than 2 pages long. While you should include enough detail to explain your experience fully, you need to keep it to the point.


  1. Bullet Points

Another tip for a great CV is to use bullet points when describing the tasks you undertook in a job. This makes it easier to read and understand. It also allows you to group relevant bullet points together.


  1. Spelling & Grammar

It is very important to have your spelling and grammar correct on your CV. Remember, this is possibly the first impression you make on the hiring manager. If your CV is full of errors – your application will more than likely go no further!


  1. Consistency

Ensure to layout your CV in a consistent manner. Make sure that spacing and bullet points are the same the whole way through the document. The type of text and the text size should also be consistent. (Calibri size 11 is a good choice!) Your headings can be slightly bigger but make sure that these are also consistent throughout.


  1. Layout of CVGreat CV

CV’s can be laid out in this format: Personal details, Profile (optional), Career History (start with most recent), Educational History, Interests/hobbies


  1. No photograph

Your CV does not need to have a photograph included!


  1. Be truthful

Your CV should contain only truthful information. Misleading the employer is a bad way to start the relationship and you may put yourself under unnecessary pressure.


  1. Education details

This section should include: the name of the course, the level of the course, the name of the college/university (and the city if it is not well known or if it is outside of Ireland), the year you graduated and the overall result (optional). Do not list all the modules/subjects contained in the course, as they are not necessary.  If you completed a course which is completely irrelevant to the job, consider whether it should be included on your CV or not.


  1. File format

Do not save your CV to PDF format. Some recruiting systems will not accept it. You should send your CV in Word format only.


  1. Proof read

Most importantly, proof read your CV when you have it completed. For a really great CV it’s a good idea to ask someone else to proof read it for you as well.


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